Here's your Branding with Archetypes® cards

Your logo and your tagline are just one tiny aspect of your brand. Your brand is a combination of elements that all add up to this…
Your brand is the PROMISE of an EXPERIENCE.

Your brand is an opportunity to create:Meaningful, thought-provoking connections with your clients.

Focus, intention and energy for you in building your business.

All great personal brands clearly answer these three questions:
Who am I? What do I stand for? What am I an expert in or at?

The Branding with Archetypes® system ensures that your brand is a deeply emotional experience for others and highly authentic experience for you.

Your Signature Archetype represents the core nature, motivation and driving force of you (or your company). However, used alone it does not create enough dimension or personality to stand out as unique in a crowded market.
Your highest score in the Assessment represents your Signature Archetype.

Your Influencing Archetype gives dimension, color, tone and uniqueness when integrated with your Signature Archetype. 
Your second highest score in the Assessment represents your Influencing Archetype.

If you have a tie for 1st/2nd place or 2nd/3rd place, please answer the question below. The Archetype you choose will take the 'winning' place. So if you have a tie for 1st place between Alchemist and Explorer and choose Alchemist, then Alchemist becomes your Signature Archetype and Explorer becomes your Influencing Archetype. If you have a tie for 2nd place, then the 'winner' becomes your Influencing Archetype. 3rd place is not relevant for this exercise.

So here's the question:
Everyone’s goal with their business is to create financial success and spiritual fulfillment. For each of the archetypes that are tied, read the Spiritual Contract, then answer this question: Which one will empower you the most to stretch and grow into your full brilliance?

For many, the answer will be immediate. And for some, talking through each of the different Spiritual Contracts for their tied archetypes will help you make a final choice.
Remember, the one you choose may not be one that represents the easiest path. Many times, creating a financially and spiritually successful business requires us to stretch and grow in areas that are new and at first can feel scary or uncomfortable. What is important is that you really feel pulled forward by the archetypes you choose.

I hope you enjoy exploring your Archetypes! Watch your inbox, as I'll email again soon with some tips on how to use the cards, and incorporate your Archetypes into your brand.