Do you want to get control of your life back?

Hi, I'm Vicky.
I specialise in “buffering” behaviours like drinking, overeating, overwhelm and screen addiction.  These allow us an escape from ourselves and our problems, but ultimately they keep us stuck in malcontent and hold us back from realising our true potential.

What I offer is so much more than a stop drinking or overeating program. It’s a life-changing transformation with proven, rapid results.  We address the real reasons behind why you buffer, so that quitting becomes effortless and permanent.  I have your back to guide you through the process as you find the freedom to create your new reality.  Because let’s face it, most people want more than to ‘not drink’. There’s something greater that they want to be and achieve.  And with the power of RTT we can make that happen.

I always knew I wanted to be a healer

What I didn't realise was that first I needed to heal myself. 
When I discovered hypnotherapy I had been at a low point for several years.  On the surface, things looked great - I had a loving family, two amazing sons, and I'd had some pretty cool experiences.  But truly, I was miserable.  I felt stuck in a career I didn't want, trapped by financial necessity and a lack of belief in my worth and my abilities.  I was disconnected to my sense of purpose even though I felt a drive to create something bigger than myself.  That dissonance felt terrible and it made me criticise myself even more.
As I didn't know how to deal with my unhappiness, I hid from it.  I wasted endless hours mindlessly in front of the tv, trying filling the gaping black hole inside with copious sugary treats and anguishing in overwhelm and indecision so that I always had an excuse for not taking action in my life.
Until inevitably, the emotional discord began to express itself physically, in the form of psychosomatic asthma attacks, migraines, tinnitus and cancer.

Transformation becomes possible when the pain of changing is less than the pain of staying the same

As the saying goes, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear".
Two wonderful teachers have taught me so much, and given me the tools I needed to heal myself: Life Coach Brooke Castillo and Rapid Transformational Therapy founder and creator Marisa Peer.
Thanks to what I have learnt from these two inspirational women I have transformed my life, my health and my mental health, and I continue to do so with every single day and with every single client. After dabbling in alternative therapies for many years, I'm excited to have found a way of healing that is so profound.  It really works, folks!

Never in a million years would I have dreamed I'd train as a hypnotherapist, but after experiencing the effects in my own life and seeing the transformations of others, I felt driven to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist and share this gift with the world.

The question is: Are you ready for change?

Hypnotherapy is so effective because it treats the root causes of your issues, not just the symptoms.  In just one 2-hour session you can uncover the underlying reasons for your complaint and change it at a subconscious level.  Sessions are complemented with Transformative Coaching to give you tools and strategies to use at a conscious level.

What's lesser for you? The Pain of Change or the Pain of Staying the Same?